Plaid Cymru members will have the final say on Saturday on whether the party’s Senedd co-operation agreement with Labour goes ahead.


Plaid members will vote on the deal on the second and final day of the party’s virtual conference.


On Friday, party leader Adam Price promised the proposals will change the lives of thousands of people in Wales.


Plans to give all primary school children free school meals show the party is making a difference, he said.


The three-year co-operation agreement was endorsed by the Plaid Cymru and Labour executive committees last week and is expected to pass this last hurdle on Saturday afternoon.


But Mr Price has told BBC Wales he “wouldn’t take anything for granted” in that vote, agreeing that some Plaid members will have concerns about how working with Labour might go down on the doorstep.


The deal includes plans to get independent advice on bringing the net zero target date forward from 2050 to 2035 and to expand the Senedd.


Creating an NHS style free-at-point-of-need National Care Service and plans to change council tax are also included, as well as a pledge not to bring in major reform to post-EU farm subsidies in Wales until 2025.


In Friday’s pre-recorded address, Mr Price described the deal as a “nation-building programme for government which will change the lives of thousands of people the length and breadth of our country for the better”.


Labour won 30 of the 60 seats in the Welsh Parliament in May to remain in power, with its Welsh government again having no overall majority.


No political party has secured more than half the seats in Cardiff Bay since devolution in 1999.


Plaid Cymru gained an extra Senedd member in May, giving it 13, but fell to third place behind the Conservatives.


The deal would not amount to a coalition between the parties, and Plaid Cymru members of the Senedd will not be entering government.


BBC Wales has been told Plaid would be able to appoint special advisers to work on the deal in government.

Story and images courtesy of BBC Wales