Hi, my name’s William Kelly. I was born and live in north Wales and am currently studying Politics and International Relations at Liverpool Hope University.

Agorawales.com is my effort to bring the debate on the future of Cymru to the fore, just as in the Agoras of Athens.

Be it through fuelling the Industrial Revelation or creating incredible works of literary art, Cymru has retained a unique role within the United Kingdom.

Yet in the light of the Covid-19, where the devolved administrations took up the mantle of combating the pandemic, should that relationship now change? What role will Wales play in the 21st century, and does that future belong within the United Kingdom?

Here at agorawales.com we will focus specifically on the political and economic future of Wales through our coverage of the Welsh Senedd and business projects across the country. We also accommodate a more comprehensive range of topics through our blogs, commenting on projects across the UK concerning how they affect Cymru’s relationship within the union.

We hope you enjoy what we provide, and be sure to follow our Twitter feed, @agorawales. Also, contact me by email if you are interested in contributing, and finally – Croeso i Agora Wales!