Plaid Cymru members are being asked for ideas for the party’s future.

The consultation will cover a range of topics including independence, Europe, and political cooperation.

Plaid came third in the 2021 Senedd election, behind Labour and the Welsh Conservatives, but gained control of three extra councils in May’s local elections.

Leader Adam Price said he wanted the discussion to “look forward” and set a long-term strategy.

Plaid Cymru struck a co-operation agreement with the Welsh Labour government on a variety of policies including expanding free school meals, a bigger Senedd and a council tax revaluation.

The party’s key goal of Welsh independence will be part of the discussion, with members asked to contribute their thoughts on issues like time scales and effective routes to get there.

With changes planned for UK and Welsh parliaments’ constituencies before the next set of elections, the consultation will also ask about changes to the Plaid’s organisational structure.

In the introduction to the document, Mr Price wrote: “If we are to succeed in convincing our fellow citizens to support our vision and persuade them to join us in realising it, we need that vision to be clear among ourselves, and understand the strategic choices we will have to make to most effectively achieve our goals.

“That means we need to discuss, debate and decide democratically the best way forward for our party in the years ahead.”

The consultation will take place over the summer and be discussed at Plaid’s autumn conference.